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01 January 2011 @ 06:43 pm
Newcomers (to me):
Rufus Wainwright - At the end of the summer, Ben and I did a romantic weekend at a hot springs in north of SF. On the drive up, we listened to Want One and as Ben explained the meaning of each song and why he loved it, it finally clicked in my head how fantastic Rufus is. Didn't stop listening for the rest of the year.

Eagles of Death Metal - Always loved Josh Homme, finally got the discography of this band and of course loved it. Excellent rock that makes me think of driving around LA.

St. Vincent - Actually got introduced to her by a friend during finals last December as good study music and fell in love. Really good indie pop.

Zoot Woman - I've been into Stuart Price's songwriting and production for a while (I mean, duh, I do love Madonna). And even though Clay tried to get me into them years ago, I finally got the discography this year and loved it. Super fun electro pop.

iamamiwhoami - loved the weird, mysterious youtube videos and beyond that, loved the music. Perfect mellow, melancholy electro.

Nicole Atkins - Ben was listening to this record (literally the vinyl) when I went over to his place to meet him for our first date. Only got the mp3s from him this year though and of course loved it (I was a little distracted during that first listen). Great lush indie.

Miike Snow - Fun electropop.

Miami Horror - more fun electro.

Ssion/MVSCLZ - super gay fun electro/disco.

Sleigh Bells - fun electro.

Marina & the Diamonds - Part of that new wave of female fronted pop/rock bands out of the UK.

Top 10s (- # of plays)
Artists of 2010:
(Josh Homme associated projects) - 698
Rufus Wainwright - 597
Fleetwood Mac - 375
Björk - 352
Janelle Monáe - 294
Hot Chip - 289
Eagles of Death Metal - 273
St. Vincent - 273
Sia - 271
Goldfrapp - 262
Scissor Sisters - 261

Albums of 2010:
Hot Chip - One Life Stand - 245
Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid - 212
Rufus Wainwright - All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu - 184
Fleetwood Mac - Rumors - 171
St. Vincent - Actor - 167
Scissor Sisters - Night Work - 164
LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening - 151
Goldfrapp - Head First - 149
Herbert - Scale - 136
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs - 134

Songs of 2010:
Robyn - Indestructible - 35
iamamiwhoami - o -34
Rufus Wainwright - Go or Go Ahead - 30
Hot Chip - Thieves in the Night - 29
Hot Chip - Hand Me Down Your Love - 29
Hot Chip - Take It in - 27
Goldfrapp - Rocket - 27
Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light - 27
iamamiwhoami - y - 27
Hot Chip - I Feel Better - 26

Overall (Since March 2007)
Artists Overall:
Madonna - 2221
Björk - 1236
Fiona Apple - 986
Goldfrapp - 980
Rilo Kiley - 964
Hot Chip - 905
Ladytron - 826
The Hidden Camera - 788
Cut Copy - 758
Portishead - 758

Albums Overall:
Fiona Apple - Tidal - 289
Cut Copy - In Ghost Colors - 285
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz! - 278
The Presets - Apocalypso - 277
Madonna - Ray of Light - 271
Björk - Homogenic - 265
Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight - 263
Hot Chip - One Life Stand - 245
Ladytron - Witching Hour - 243
Ladytron - Velocifero - 240

Songs Overall:
Björk - Hunter - 52
Björk - All Is Full of Love - 51
The Presets - My People - 51
The Presets - Are You the One? - 49
Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining - 49
Mew - The Zookeeper's Boy - 45
Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer - 43
Goldfrapp - You Never Know - 42
The Hidden Cameras - In the NA - 42
Uffie - Pop the Glock - 41
Goldfrapp - A&E - 41
01 January 2010 @ 08:36 pm
Newcomers (to me):
Stereolab – Finally clicked just how awesome this band is.

Bat for Lashes – I loved her first album but after the second one came out, I finally realized just how amazing she is.

Grizzly Bear – again, it took Veckatimest for me to realize how good they are.

Underworld – same as Stereolab.

Dragonette – Super fun electro pop from Canada.

La Roux – Part of a crop of british female singers I fell in love with this year. More fun electro pop.

Grafton Primary – similar to The Presets, awesome electro.

The Black Ghosts – kinda funky electro fun.

Spinnerette – Brody Dalle grows up and enlists the help of her husband to make a kick ass new album.

Florence + The Machine – another of the british female singers, amazing glam/folk/pop/rock/awesomeness

Ladyhawke – fun Australian electro rock pop.

The Juan Maclean – I only really like their second album full of songs that directly reference their influences, disco, electro, being on dfa, etc. super fun.

Band Of Skulls – And not just because they are my sister’s pet band at her label, they are really good bluesy rock.

Empire of the Sun – cannot help thinking of Clay when I hear them. Ridiculously cheesy electro from Australia.

Top 10s ( - # of plays)
Artists of 2009:
The Hidden Cameras - 492
Madonna - 436
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 425
Tori Amos - 304
Stereolab - 254
The Bird and the Bee - 250
Björk - 248
Bat for Lashes - 247
Fiona Apple - 239
Depeche Mode - 230

Albums of 2009:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz! – 260
Bat for Lashes – Two Suns – 167
Röyksopp – Junior – 161
The Decemberists – Hazards of Love – 151
Grafton Primary – Eon – 142
The Black Ghosts – s/t – 141
The Hidden Cameras – Origin:Orphan – 132
Spinnerette – s/t – 132
Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest – 126
Dragonette – Galore - 118

Songs of 2009:
The Hidden Cameras – In the NA – 34
Frankmusik – 3 Little Words - 33
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll - 30
Basement Jaxx – Raindrops – 29
The Juan Maclean – One Day – 27
Röyksopp – True to Life – 26
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero – 26
Röyksopp – The Girl and the Robot – 25
The Bird and the Bee – Polite Dance Song – 24
Lady GaGa – Bad Romance – 24

Artists Overall (Since March 2007)
Madonna – 2027
Björk – 884
Rilo Kiley – 798
Fiona Apple – 788
Ladytron – 779
Goldfrapp – 718
Cut Copy – 690
The Presets – 659
The Hidden Cameras – 654
Hot Chip - 616

Albums Overall
Cut Copy – In Ghost Colors - 261
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz! – 260
The Presets – Apocalypso – 239
Ladytron – Witching Hour – 237
Madonna – Ray of Light – 235
Ladytron – Velocifero – 227
Rilo Kiley – Under the Blacklight – 226
Fiona Apple – Tidal – 224
Hot Chip – The Warning – 216
The Presets – Beams - 215

Songs Overall
The Presets – My People – 47
Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining – 45
The Presets – Are You the One? – 45
Cut Copy – So Haunted – 40
Björk – All Is Full of Love – 40
Uffie – Pop the Glock – 37
Goldfrapp – A&E – 37
Interpol – The Heinrich Maneuver – 36
Mew – The Zookeeper’s Boy – 36
Cut Copy – Kidz at the Disco – 35
Simian Mobile Disco – HUSTLER – 35
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03 November 2009 @ 07:24 pm
Fri October 16th:
Got my new tattoo! Didn’t hurt too bad. The guy was really nice. Didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to but eh. Then went to Ikea w/Ben. It was funny walking around all bandaged up. Got cinnamon rolls cuz duh.
Later, went to the apple store and the really nice genius guy gave me snow leopard since I had a faulty disc but wasn’t supposed to install it anyway since I was coming from Tiger. Then went back to Ben’s and played w/my new computer.
Sat October 17th:
Treasure Island! Got to the island a little late but just in time to see The Streets. He was a lot of fun, mced over some drum’n’bass which was hilarious. Met up w/Courtney and wandered around getting nice and drunk. Brazilian girls were fantastic of course. The singer wore this ridic felt heart dress. MSTRKRFT blew it up which was hilarious and led the crowd in a sing-a-long to Bohemian Rhapsody to end the set. Then Ben and I went to get on the ferris wheel. This was during Girl Talk and at the end of the set he had fireworks and I got some amazing pictures. This total hipster bro was heckling us in a funny way when we were on the wheel. Like “yeah! Make out!” and so we did and then he yelled “yeah! Beard on beard action!” MGMT started while we were on the wheel but we decided to leave then to beat the crowds back. Got back to Ben’s and just had a night in.
Sun October 18th:
Went to see Lizzy finish a marathon and hang out w/the Coopers for a bit. Then got brunch at Edie’s diner on Divis w/Ben. He went to Day 2 of TI and I went to hang out w/Bel. I helped her move a bookcase and then we went over to GAMH to try to get into the La Roux show, not realizing it had sold out. Ran into Pollo who scared the hell out of me cuz she wasn’t in drag and I didn’t recognize her. Finally managed to scalp tickets and made it into the show. She was sick but still did a good six songs. Glad I made it in. I also ran into this guy Brian who I met at Badlands ages ago and think is rather attractive. Ended up going to the Cinch w/him and Bel and his friends and just chatting while I waited for Ben to get home.
Mon October 19th:
School, eh.
Tuesday October 20th:
More school
Wednesday October 21st:
Stubbed my toe again which was rather annoying. Then went to take a midterm which was rather hard. Also I showed up late because of my toe. Then got to break concrete cylinders in the testing lab. My group had the strongest! Yay!
Thursday October 22nd:
Went over to SF for an SOM office visit. What a great office but they’re not hiring L. Then went over to The Fox to see Echo & The Bunnymen w/full orchestra and She Wants Revenge opened. She Wants Revenge was good but because of the awful awful sound there, the strings during Echo sounded like a bad synth. I ended up wanting to leave when they came out for the second set cuz my head and toe were killing me. We ate taco bell and watched glee and then went into the city so Ben could audit.
Friday October 23rd:
Went to Tortilla Heights for my cousin’s birthday. It was such a sorority party it was lolz. Then went to The Lion Pub which was totes douche and funny. They have a kombucha and vodka! Then went down to San Jose to do more auditing w/Ben. I think it was actually my first time in San Jose. Those bars there suuuuck J.
Saturday the 24th:
Ben’s sister just broke up w/her boyfriend and is having a shitty time so we met up and spent the day in golden gate park picnicking w/champers. Then went to go see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3d! It was delightful as always. I participated in a youth sexual risk survey for a nice $40 and met up w/Ben and X again for drinks in the castro since it was the Saturday before Halloween and lolzy.
Sunday the 25th:
Went to get brunch and then wandered the mission looking for costume ideas and cheap electronics. Then spent the evening doing some homework and not much else.
Monday the 26th:
School super sucked. Stayed on campus super late working on homework and such.
Tuesday the 27th:
Wednesday the 28th:
Thursday the 29th:
Super stressed myself out for no real reason but got some work done. Then headed into the city. Went to Megan’s to watch Hamlet 2 and carve pumpkins w/her and the roommates. That was pretty lolz. Then went back to Ben’s where he, Al, Spense, and Kevin were making ridiculous sacrilegious crafts w/a hot glue gun. Always a fun time.
Friday the 30th:
Got my haircut. Then did….stuff. Not sure. Headed over to Treasure Island to get some costume’s from our friend who lives there. Ended up hanging out for a while and doing a little drinking. Then on the way back, we realized we were the only ones on the bridge so we got out and took pictures. Amazing! Then we drove 120 the rest of the way into the city. Weeeeeee :).
Saturday the 31st:
Wandered around a bit finishing up Halloween costumes. Ben and I decided to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I was the good doctor. Then I hung out in the café and did some homework then hung out on the porch so I could give out candy but no one came by L. Then Ben and I got ready and headed over to his bro’s house. It was all the usual Remingtons and Remington friends and I got pretty wastey on champers which was delightful. Also I got dissed by a 15 y/o which was lolz. Some of the gays decided to go check out some radical fairy party that was supposed to be good. It even had a sex dungeon downstairs! However it was aaawful. There were like 15 people there and they were all desperate old men. So we went to wander the castro which was full of fun people in costumes and fun. We went back to Ben’s to watch an Elvira movie but I ended up falling asleep.

Sunday the 1st:
Got up early and went to brunch w/Ben’s mom at greenchilekitchen which was quite good. Then drove over to cliff house cuz it was such a gorgeous day. Went back to Ben’s and watched Penelope on the projector which was a really fun movie. Then watched some cat videos and went to bed. Very lazy Sunday!

Monday the 2nd:
On the way home from Ben's, this super hot guy I've seen at the gym a lot started talking to me on the bus cuz of my tattoos. I couldn't figure out if he was flirting w/me or not but it was nice regardless. Wore shorts to school since it was such a nice day. Went to TJs Came home. That's it.

Tuesday the 3rd:
School all day, got some stuff done. Had an ok time at the gym. I'm starting to feel a bit frustrated however as I feel like I haven't made any progress since May :(
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16 October 2009 @ 12:11 am
Oct 7th:
School then HOC night! The creepy old waiter there grew a hitler moustache. eeeeew!
Oct 8th:
Good day at the gym. Laughed w/one of the swimmers cuz I was trying to talk to him and I kept getting distracted by guys in the shower so that was lolz.
Then off to the city. Went to Puerto Alegre for dinner and margaritas which woulda been good except for the sucky sucky loud group of people in there.
Oct 9th:
Spent all day preparing for the party. Then party!
It was pretty well attended, I bobbed for apples, got drunky. Ben and I wore matching cowboy outfits cuz that's barfy. Randomly this kid Andres, from wushu, was there and I finally confirmed that he is indeed gay. so yay for that!
Oct 10th:
Got brunch w/Ben, Joe, and their mom. Then back to Ben's so he could work on homework and I cleaned up the place. Spent a while catching up on tv. eh. Then off to bed early.
Oct 11th:
Ben woke up a half hour after his flight had taken off so that sucked. We drove down to the airport and were there for a few hours dealing w/that. Then went and did delicious brunch at Citizen Cake w/Megan and Lizzy. Then I went over to east bay to work on wood design homework w/Noah and Xiaoyu. Then back to Noah's to keep working on it and hang out w/Jamie and Michelle. Then off back home.
Oct 12th:
School, gym, nothing exciting.
Oct 13th:
Giant storm day!
I've never seen it rain like that ever in my life for htat long a period of time. It was record rainfall all over the bay. I ended up completely soaked on my way to my first class at 11am so that sucked. Went to meet Ljuba for lunch and bought an umbrella. I was basically jsut super uncomfortable all damn day. Went to more class and couldn't wait for it to end. Got home and was super excited to take a loooong warm shower and get into jammies.
I tried installing Snow Leopard again to no avail. Ended up erasing my computer which is annoying and I think now I just have a faulty disc :( Also I stubbed my toe suuuuper hard and though I broke it since it hurt more than the time I did break it. I think it's just a sprain now though cuz I can bend it.
So yeah that ay just basically sucked.
Oct 14th:
Couldn't get my day starte which was super annoying. Went to a little bit of class and then went off to the city to pick up Ben's car. I hung out at his brother's for a while and watched he and his husband play video games until Ben's plane came in. Went to pick him up and then went back home to watch the new episode of glee.
Oct 15th:
Spent the morning trying to come up w/a stencil for my tattoo but kept failing. Got brunch and then came to school. Did oh and class and gym, the uzh. then back here. I've just cleaned and watched tv but still felt like a pretty productive evening.
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06 October 2009 @ 09:53 pm
24 September:
Walk out day. Still did class all day but wore red in solidarity. Went to the protest a bit. Then went to HOC to say good bye to Sarah for forever! She went off to Taiwan. :( We did some shopping on Telegraph and I bought the new Hidden Cameras and Basement Jaxx.
25 September:
Went and de-molded the high strength concrete mix we did. Then got my ears irrigated. So gross but so clean now! Then went to the gym. Off to the city. I don't think we did much. Didn't go out that night either.
26 September:
Tried to go get a new phone but couldn't :(
Liz's fundraiser at SNOB wine bar on Polk. Was ok. Good to see Danny. Then wandered around Polk trying to find something going on but there wasn't. Tried Soma and that was beyond ridic. Ended up at 440 and just sat in a corner and talked.
27 September:
Made yummy breakfast. Then Ben did work for forever. Eventually made it to Folsom After-Party for Hipster Folsom at Paradise Lounge. Made out w/a pretty boy. Went and got food at Sparky's
(The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack - Emiliana Torrini - Gollum's Song)
28 September:
School and such
29 September:
More school.
30 September:
There was a seminar on campus by the Senior Principal at Forell on seismic isolation. It was really interesting and aftewards we were talking and he said he was interested in reading my thesis. I squealed on the inside. That evening wen to see Kathy's band Sonos sing. The sound wasn't htat good at the venue but they were fantastic. Then met up w/Liam and his friends at Q Bar for Booty Call. It was actually quite good also turns out Liam's friend is the owner. What? Yeah, so free drinks are nice. Also met Joshua J who is nice and hot.
1 October:
Then kylie!!!!
Srsly the gayest gay that ever gayed.
Um, she entered the stage on a giant disco ball skull.
Totally objectification of mens the whole show which was super hot
Yeah she's just super adorable and awesome. The show was fun.
Hung out w/Ruh Roh :)
2 October:
Stayed on campus to do homework for hours and hours and hours.
Then went to the city. Went to the new The Cafe to meet up w/Liam and his friends. The new space is nice and large! (for sf.) Ran into Jace who was talking to this guy who was at the gang bang at Ben's house a few months ago. That was funny. It was pretty fun but then Ben and I just got bored.
3 October:
Went and got my new phone! I got an LG env3. It's all like "welcome to 2009" and has a full keyboard!
Afterwards I helped Ben work on his arch project. Then we decorated his house for halloween.
4 October:
(Soulwax - Nite Versions - NY Lipps)
Got breakfast downstairs and enjoyed the fall weather. Then I wandered over to Castro Strret Fair to meet Liam and co. Met some new very hot people :) We got lotso drinks. yay! Then we wandered over to see Larry T
(Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping - Nonpareil Of Favor)
Ben joined us and we ran into so many people including Kent and Pollo del Mar and Travis my bus buddy and Kevin the one I met at badlands forever ago. Oh it was lolz. Then we wandered over to a birthday party which was small and we totally crashed. I hope I didn't make too much a fool of myself. The house had this amazing view looking over the city. Also they had delicious cake. Then Liam came back w/us to have pizza and watch Clue.
5 October:
Too mentally hungover all day. Everything was making me anxious and nothing really worked to calm me down. Watched some tv and went to bed early.
6 October:
Much better day. Got a lot of work done and paid bills and school was good and so all was well.
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23 September 2009 @ 08:59 pm
Wednesday the 2nd:
um... schoool...gym. eh
Then went to Jupiter to have dinner and beer and catch up w/grad school friends. Twas a good time.
Thursday the 3rd:
Lolzed at stuff on facebook. Oh I look like Gov. Patterson eh?
Went over to the city
Friday the 4th:
I think that's the night I went and caught up w/Bel at a cool bar on Divis.
Saturday the 5th:
Brunch w/X and Crash and Ben on the bay. Gorgeous! Then the fog rolled in.
Went to check out The Cinch but it was totes dead cuz of burning man. Then we went to Bearracuda at Deco cuz that was lolz. Then went to check out Blackbird which was pretty good.
Sunday the 6th:
Had wonderful brunch w/mimosas and listened to great records. Then spent the afternoon reading Cryptonomicon. Drank at dinner I think for something. Then went to a drag show at Truck. That was super lolz. Ran into Stephen. This Stephen: http://simrvr.livejournal.com/2004/10/03/. So that was super hilarious. He's still hot :)
Monday the 7th:
Drove up to the Russian River w/Ben to meet Megan, her gay Diego, his boyfriend and his boyfriend's cousin. It was fun to swim in the river and drink pimms. Quite delightful :) Then got dinner at the Russian River Resort which was total lolz. So gay!
Tuesday the 8th:
Went back to school. did homework blah.
Wednesday the 9th:
Hung out on Memorial Glade w/Noah and Jamie for a while which was relaxing and nice. Then went to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at The Fox. The show was really good but that's really not the best venue. Ran into Ben's neighbors and afterwards grabbed a drink at Cafe Van Kleef which was delicious.
Thursday the 10th:
School. Then went to grab indian in the mission w/Ben. Then met up w/Courtney at Molotov's for some catching up drinks. yay.
Friday the 11th:
Got up early and got a haircut. Then off to LA for the weekend! Grabbed dinner at Papa Cristo's w/my parents and Jack. Then wandered the greek fest for a minute. Then went to meet up w/Roxy at Bigfoot West. It was actually pretty enjoyable. I also played lesbian match maker for her. Then went and got drunchies and hung out at her friend's place for a mo.
Saturday the 12th:
WEnt to the dentist. Then to my grandparent's for lunch w/my sister. That was enjoyable :) Then off to the beach w/Roxy and her man Tor.
Then off downtown to drop off my mom. Met up w/Anton and Greg in Little Tokyo for Ramen. Then picked up Vero and went to Greg's new place in Hancock Park. Then off to a bar on Melrose that was playing all Bruce Willis movies. lolz! Then off to downtown to meet up w/Jen and meet her Dave.
Sunday the 13th:
Went to the gay beach w/Roxy. Then my dad's 60th birthday party. Saw lots of people who haven't seen me since my bar mitzvah. That was kinda eh.
Monday the 14th:
Flight was all delayed :( but finally made it back up to campus to do the million things I had to do that day. My brain was so fried from the weekend though.
Tuesday the 15th:
stuff, dunno, didn't tweet.
Wednesday the 16th:
Went to the Tang Center cuz my ear was all plugged. super annoying! They couldn't help me so I figured out a bit of hook thing myself and cleaned it out. go me!
Thursday the 17th:
school then went to SF. Went go see Fanfarlo at Popscene. I hadn't been there since seeing Klaxons and Amy Winehouse in senior year. Oh lord. I've never seen a band look happier to be on stage than they were so that was great.
Friday the 18th:
Drove up to Tahoe. It was 108 through the central valley oh lord! Got up to the resort by around 8ish. Joined in the BBQ. The resort was so cheesey which was hilarious. Also hilarious were the families of the people getting married. They were all from small towns from the area and were such hicks. Super nice people though so it was fun. Started some drinking and then went and skinny dipped in the lake. Now that was lolz! A lot warmer than I thought it was gonna be :)
Saturday the 19th:
Got woken up by the family playing "washers" outside and drinking jack and beer. I asked to borrow some salt and pepper to make breakfast and they made me do a shot of jack which was so hilarious. It was like 12:01. Made breakfast w/Ben for X and Josh then went and drove around everywhere looking for a gift for the wedding w/Ben. Finally figured out something and went over to the wedding. It was right on the water which was so gorgeous. STarted getting wastey face but the altitude got to me and I got a huge migraine instead :( We went back to the hotel and I took a million pain pills and drank a bunch of water and started to feel better. We hung out for a bit around the campfire.
Sunday the 20th:
Got brunch in Truckee at a lolzy omelet place and then drove home. I tried to get some work done but was too exhausted. Finished off Torchwood though. OMG Children of Earth is faaaaaaar too intense to deal with.
Monday the 21st:
Spent fooooorever on campus cuz I was freaking out about my seismic isolation class. First time it really felt like grad school this semester. Not necessarily happy about that.
Tuesday the 22nd:
Finally got a gym locker. yay!
Then Class.
Then home. Finally cleaned up some around the house so yay.
Wednesday the 23rd:
Made high strength concrete in the lab today. It was fun to make my own mix design though we really had no idea what to do. It was nice to play with. Then took my first midterm. super easy. Now I'm sitting around waiting for Ben to come over.
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01 September 2009 @ 10:58 pm
Sunday the 30th:
Went out to dinner in the Castro cuz we super needed to get out of the house. Wine was nice. Then had sex to the simpsons. that was lolz.
Monday the 31st:
Enjoyed the gym. Now that's the gym experience I missed. Taught my first lab. Seems like this is the hottest batch of students yet. Should make my time more interesting. Having trouble staying awake in 124. Wooo undergrad class. He was going over the differences between ASD and LRFD. I was like yay! I really need this again..... Noah and I just sat in the back and giggled and ate sour patch kids. Then went home and did pretty much nothing. I liked that too. Lolzed on facebook for a long time.
Tuesday the 1st:
More gym-ing. Did the treadmill for the first time in ages.
(Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique - IV. Marche au Supplice)
First La Burrita in months. Delicous! Then some quick homework. Then picked up a coffee before class cuz it's a class I really want to be awake for but it's so hard to be! oh well. Then went to TJs. Spent too much but didn't have a ton of trouble getting it home. Been doing shit ever since. Yay!
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30 August 2009 @ 03:30 pm
August 21st:
Got up early and went and finished packing, cleaned up the apartment. and left! The flight was one long stupid ordeal cuz we were super delayed due to this massive amount of thunderstorms and then they ran out of food so I was tired and hungover and hungry all fucking day.
Got into SF and hopped on BART to meet Ben at 16th and Mission. It was nice to be home. His apartment smelled very Ben's apartment and that instantly made me happy. He had beer and pizza waiting for me which was nice. We just cuddled and watched Were the World Mine. The movie was cute and silly. The cuddling was better :)
August 22nd:
Got brunch w/Lizzy and then did nothing else all day. Then off to Bootie SF to see Smash-Up Derby. They were fun and so was the night. We met up w/one of the boys Ben had been seeing during the summer and his friends which was fun.
August 23rd:
Had dinner at Spense and Noe's w/X and Bob. The conversation was lolz and entertaining and tiring.
August 24th:
After Ben was done w/class, we went over to my place so I could unpack and we could do laundry. We went to get ice cream at Ici and strolled College which was pleasant. We later met up w/Ljuba for dinner on Telegraph. It was good to see him again. Ben and I watched The Doom Generation which was really funny and ridiculous.
August 25th:
Ben went off to class and I went to the rsf for the first time again. It wasn't too crowded which was nice. Then I headed out to sf to meet up w/Ben. We went to check out Chili Dog which apparently used to be full of hot gipsters but was now dead :(
August 26th:
Went back to Berkeley for my first day of class. Of course I showed up super late to the first class. I am me.
Went to the gym. Went to my next class. Went to get fro-yo w/grad school friends who are still around. Then met up w/Ben and Caitlin for HOC night. It was delicious as ever. Then Ben and I went back to my place and I got crafty w/making tank tops since I started liking them in New York.
August 27th:
It was a good thing I made those tank tops as it was a really hot day. Went to the gym and class. It's Earthquake Hazard Mitigation and it sounds a lot like what I wrote my thesis on and it sounds interesting.
Then headed into SF to meet up w/Ben. We got Big Lantern and then went to Trigger to meet up w/Giorgio and Dyanna. It was cheap drinks so yay. Then we went to Badlands and lolzed a bit. They played Chelley's Took the Night so I was happy. Ben's neighborhood was all decorated for halloween for some tv show. On the way back from the Castro we picked up a bunch of them cuz it seemed like they had been left but when we walked onto Waller this security guard came running up to us so we just laughed and dropped everything and walked on home.
August 28th:
Wandered aroudn a bit in the neighborhood and got a good haircut at this place which seems to cater to bears and leather daddies so that was lolz. The barber was all chatty and fun though. Then we went to a BBQ on Spense and Noe's roof cuz it was such a nice day out. We hung out there for a bit and then went to see Trannyshack do Bjork. That was fucking awesome. I've never seen drag queens go so all out like that.
August 29th:
Went to get Brunch at Luna on the patio w/Giorgio and got large amounts of mimosa. Indeed! Then we drove up Twin Peaks to see the gorgeous view. Then all around the city and to Baker Beach to see the funny naked people and see that gorgeous view. Then back to Ben's so he could work on his project. Then Peter came by w/champers and a movie. The movie was stupid but the champers were nice. We had a fun threeway and then all fell asleep cuddling.
August 30th:
Haven't really done anything yet today. Lazy sunday!
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21 July 2009 @ 10:29 pm
Wednesday the 8th:
went home from work early to rest up. watched buffy
Thursday the 9th:
Woke up feeling ok which was yay.
Met up w/Megan and her famz. Got Magnolia and walked the highline then went to dinner at a super fancy austrian/french restaurant in Chelsea. The chef had just won top chef america so that was funny
Friday the 10th:
(Ed Rush and Optical - Wormhole - Slip Thru)
Work blah. Then drank sparks then went to Metro. Had a bit of a time there. Met another poet who proceeded to fall in love w/me so that was cute. Then went to Sugarland and was wastey face and danced a lot. I was flirting w/this adorable go go boy named matt who looked just like Matt Lawrence so of course I was all over him. Jeremy decided he wanted the go go boy though so he pushed me onto this artist guy. I was happy w/that as well so I went home w/him. Actually we rode his bike home. He sat in my lap and pedaled and steered and that was super adorable. He spent the night and that was fun and then ran off the next day. I found out that day that he was Michael's old collaborator so that was kinda strange and I wondered if it would be a problem.
Saturday the 11th:
Met up w/Megan and her siblings in williamsburg. Sat in the park for a bit and did a bit of vintage shopping. All good times. Then went home and started drinking and then went w/Kate and Dan (who looked adorable in my jeans) to Pieces. This Castro-type gay bar in the West Village that was actually a lot of fun. I got super drunk and the bartender gave me free drinks. Then hopped in a cab to Mr. Black. Ran into everyone of course but they soon elft. I hung around for Michael but it turns out the artist I had slept w/was also his ex-bf which was an issue. There was drama and everyone was annoyed and I just went home.
Sunday the 12th:
woke up feeling shitty and just hung around the house. Finally my roommate convinced me to go meet up w/her and some gays in McCarren. I got there and they convinced me to get a margarita. Then I got another. Then I was buzzed and was flirting real heavy w/this super hot isreali. A few of us went back to his place but then his bf was all drama so we left. I got home and we ordered in mexican and watched the parent trap and I was very very drunk. Also, got the isreali's number from my roommie's friend.
Monday the 13th:
work, blah, then ben came! It was exciting to see him and I was happy to get to cuddle w/him again.
Tuesday the 14th:
Work then met up w/Ben and went to Whole Foods to get dinz and then went into Central Park to see the NY Phil perform some of my fave symphonies. We got shitty seats and the sound was awful :( But for the last movement of Beethoven's 7th we went up to the castle to see the fireworks and turns out you can hear it much better up there. Erik was up there and we hung out for a bit, watched the fireworks, met some friends of his, had more picnic and then went home.
(The Cure - Staring at the Sea: The Singles - The Love Cats)
Wednesday the 15th:
Ben and I went to get curry on curry street which was actually quite delicious so that was yay.
Thursday the 16th:
Checked out Cafecito Bogota w/Ben which was quite good. Then I tried to take him to the Brooklyn Beach but that was closed so we ended up at that park at the end of grand. Still a good view. Then went to meet up w/Erik at Spuyten Duyvil. It was a really hot night and I was so soaked w/sweat. boo on that.
Friday the 17th:
Met up w/Ben at home and went to check out La Taverna, an Italian place that just opened up near me. It was quite good and the owner was adorable. Also: supes cheap!
Then we went to met Bret at Enid's but he never showed and it was hotter inside than outside and I started to feel sick to my stomach. Went over to Metro which had AC and I was in heaven. Eventually, Jeremy, Alex, and co showed up. That was some fun talking for a while and then Ben and I left kinda early and walked home.
Saturday the 18th:
Went to check out the biggest Cathedral in the world on 110th which was really cool.
(NIN - Pretty Hate Machine - Sanctified)
Then wandered the northern end of Central Park which I had never done before. Then went to soho to shop and Topman was having an amazing sale! Met up w/Alex and Alex and Rachel at Counter, a Lesbian run vegetarian restaurant in the East Village. Dinner was fun and quite tastey. Ran home to shower and start drinking. Went and hung out w/Jeremy and his roommies for a bit and then ran off to this ridiculous loft party in Tribeca. The party was just sorta lolz but I wanted to go to a loft in Tribeca :) Then went ot the Tribeca Grand for a hot minute and then ran off to Sugarland cuz I wanted Ben to see it.
Sunday the 19th:
Went and had the biggest brunch evar at Papacito's which is quite good fancy Mexican. Then napped.
Then met up w/Shin at the High Line. We walked most of it an it was quite gorgeous out. Then went to Cafeteria for dinner. It was rather loud in there but also lolz and tastey as well.
Monday the 20th:
Met up w/Ben for lunch before he ran off to the airport to go home :(
Then came home and watched a bunch of torchwood.
Tuesday the 21st:
Got cruised the hardest I've ever been cruised by this guy so that made me super lolz. Got a fantastic haircut after work and then came home and watched torchwood :)
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07 July 2009 @ 09:48 pm
Friday the 26th:
Visited Columbia Project site which is a really cool project so that was cool.
Then went to Madonna night at Pyramid Bar which was a lot of fun. Everyone singing along and dancing around. Plus the guys were hot. Then we went to some party at Union Pool which was fun but I was really wastey face! I ended up going home w/this guy w/a really pretty face but man was he hairy.
Saturday the 27th:
Woke up at his place and ran home and napped more. Went to MacCarren park w/my roommate and met her friends. Also, accidentally checked out the boy from last night and didn't recognize him but yeah, still hot the next day. Then Nikol and I went to the Brooklyn Beach and then wandered around Bedford. Then off to Stephanie's apartment. We just missed getting caught int he heaviest rainstorm I've ever seen. It was intense but afterwards, there was a huge rainbow! Then we went to Coney Island and I went on the scariest Ferris Wheel ever. We tried drinking but it felt so trashy and then my head was hurting. Came back to Williamsburg and met my friends at Sugarland. Danced around, I'd never been there that sober and wow guys there are hot!
Sunday the 28th:
Went to meet Vero's friend Erik for pride. He was at Cubby Hole to start out. I met a bunch of people including a pretty little boy from Oakland (POB). We were all drinking on the street so taht was fun. Then we went to this Mexican place where I got the biggest margarita of my life. Then off to a party int he Bowery w/TJ's prosecco so that was fun. Then to the Phoenix where I talked to some boy from South Africa. Then I took a cab to Williamsburg and went to Metro. Ran into the guy from Friday and went home w/him again.
Monday the 29th:
Through Thursday the 2nd:
Meh week at work, nothign worth writing about.
Thursday the 2nd:
Went to Marlow & Son's which was fancy and had a delicious whiskey and fernet cocktail.
Then to White Slab where I got smoe more fancy cocktails.
Then to Main Man at BEast which was pretty fun. Met a cute boy who was all "You're from California, right?" and I was like "yeah, how did you know?" and he's all "cuz you're hitting on me" Oh New York Boys.
Then went to this awful after party in Astor Place where there were a bunch of white people calling each other nigger and breaking bottles and doing stupid shit. My head started hurting and we went home.
Friday the 3rd:
Went to brunch and wandered the neighborhood w/my neighbor. Then went to get my haircut in Astor Pl. and then went to the gym. Came back and went to a rooftop party at POB's place. It was chill and fun and he had beer for me. Then he, me, and his friend Brian, went to The Cock. Their friend got us in and he was adorable. I ran around and giggled at how slightly raunchy it was. The DJ really liked me and kept getting me drinks and then started giving me coke so that was yay. He wasn't that cute but I felt I owed it to him so I went home w/him. He was being really cagey and weird and was off-putting so I just left.
Saturday the 4th:
Met POB in MacCarren park as he had accidentally taken my keys the night before. We hung out for a bit and just relaxed so that was fun. Met up w/my roomies and their friends on Loisada to get Puerto Rican food which was delicious. Then ran over to Chelsea to meet up w/Jeremy and his friends at his friend's place to drink and watch the fireworks on the Hudson which were amazing! Then we went to some stupid Chelsea bar just to try it out for ten minutes and then went to Mr. Black. Now *that* was a party! I got all flirty flirty w/the DJ again (A different DJ this time) after my friends left cuz I was kinda all by myself. He and I ended up making out for a while and then we went to spin and he was really good! I met lots of people and danced around and he gave me drink tickets too so that was yay. Eventually the DJ finished and I went home w/him. That was really enjoyable. He was really sweet and it was fun. We talked more the next day and turns out he's also an artist and has done some work for BUTT so that was yay! He was sweet.
Sunday the 5th:
went to my neighbor's and he was all proud of who I had gone home with. We got chocolate milk and watched The Craft and just lolzed around.
Monday the 6th:
felt shitty at work. Then went to Bryant Park to meet up w/Shin to watch Dog Day Afternoon, also ran into Erik so that was fun.
Tuesday the 7th:
felt shitty at work again.
Met up w/Megan and her bro and Ahmet after work to go to Kellog Diner which was dissapointing. It was just a regular diner, I thought it would be more Williamsburg-y.
Now I'm off ot bed to hopefully sotp feeling so shitty.
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